7-Step Approach to Successful Buying

You’ve searched the internet and the newspapers. You’ve even attended a number of open houses. Through this exercise you have eliminated quite a number of homes and gotten a much better grasp of what you want to buy. You now want your REALTOR® to show you homes you have chosen and others that the REALTOR® has recommended for viewing.

Here is a recommended approach when viewing homes to buy:

  1. Short list the homes you are really interested in seeing to the best 8 to 10 homes in your price range and parameters. Initially you want to get a basic feel for each home and its features.
  2. Look at a maximum of four to five homes at any one scheduled time. That way you don’t get confused. It also allows you to compare and discuss each home and arrive at the one home that stands out. Your REALTOR® can help you with this.
  3. Now forget about the homes you eliminated; you didn't like them.
  4. Schedule to look at the next four to five homes in another session and again discuss, compare and eliminate down to the best.
  5. Revisit the one or two homes that especially interested you and take a longer, closer look.
  6. With your REALTOR’S® help:
    a.  Look for any needed repairs as well as structural issues—basement cracks and moisture, condition of windows & roof.
    b.  Look at each home’s mechanicals (furnace, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems);
    c.  Look at the general grading of the lot. Is it sloped toward or away from the home?
  7. Equally important--discuss the neighbourhood.  Does the home conform? What’s the general care and condition of the surrounding properties?

A good REALTOR® will save you time, give you a balanced view, act as a third eye and help you buy the home most suitable to you.

Seeing Too Many Homes Can Be Confusing

If buyers see 25 to 35 homes, they can become distracted and very confused about what to buy. It’s also quite exhausting. This usually happens when they haven’t clarified what they want, why they want it, when they want it, how long they intend to own it and whether they can justify price and operating costs.