Unstick Your Stuff

These simple strategies promise to get you out of some “sticky” situations.


• Remove pesky price stickers - with vodka.

The alcohol in vodka dissolves the adhesive on the sticker. Pour a little on a clean cloth, then dab on to sticker. Let sit for a minute, then gently rub the sticker with the cloth and it should come right off.

• Slide a drawer smoothly with a candle stub.

First remove the drawer and wipe the two wooden rails that support the drawer with a damp cloth to remove any dust, dirt or wood shavings that might be making the drawer stick. Next, rub the candle stub over the rails to apply a thin layer of wax. It should now slide smoothly.

• Get rid of gum - with ice.

When you find gum stuck on your shoe or rug, put an ice cube on it for about a minute. The gum should harden and chip off right away.

• Peel away a bumper sticker - with a blow dryer.

Pull into a garage, plug in a blow dryer, aim the hot air at one corner of the bumper sticker and blast away. The heat will dissolve that glue that is keeping it stuck and turn it gummy. Give it a minute or two and the corner will lift off.

• Zap a sticky stain - with hairspray.

Have you spilled something sticky, like hot fudge sauce, on your clothes? Spritz a little hairspray on the area and let it sit for a minute. Then throw the garment in the wash. When you pull it out the stain will be gone. Hairspray contains rubbing alcohol, which will break down any stickiness and make the stain easier to remove.