The Secret Life of Emotions

Did you know that depression is 10 times more prevalent than 50 years ago? In fact, 85% of people now say they are not happy! How about you?

Humans are sensitive, social, emotional beings. We interact with the world, society and everything within it, using our senses and our feelings. That means we are constantly being affected by everything around us. 

Consequently our subjective interpretation for our sensory and emotional experiences dictates 97% of the choices and decisions we make, the attitude and beliefs we adopt, and how we interact with others. Although we might like to think our rational minds rule, in reality, logic controls only 3% of our behaviour.

Some of our experiences are happy, positive, and life affirming. Some o what we learn from our mentors and those around us is constructive.

But , we’ve all had negative experience that have left an impact or emotional scar that lingers long after the memory fades. We’ve all learned fundamental ‘untruths’ from out well-meaning parents, teachers and society and have adopted these damaging beliefs as our own. We’ve all abandoned or betrayed parts of ourselves that we don’t like to accept. We’ve all felt the sting of heartbreak, betrayal, shame, guilt, grief, loneliness or rejection.  We’ve all had myriads of seemingly inconsequential conversations or witnessed events that left us with unhealthy judgments about some aspect of life. Each of us carries something we have not forgiven.

Yes, we travel unwittingly through life collecting all sorts of emotional and energetic debris without ‘baggage’ saps our energy. We don’t fully grasp the damaging physical and psychological after effects that linger long after an experience has been forgotten.

How do we adopt negative beliefs? Negative beliefs from after we have painful feelings or bad experiences. We create rules for our life based on ‘truths’ we have assumed after judging an experience.  These rules are powerful because they stem from wanting to avoid pain and stay safe.

But, they operate like a virus deep within the software of our subconscious mind, silently sabotaging our life. They limit us by dictating how we act and re-act to people, situations and opportunities. They may be created to protect us, but what they really do is limit how we live and what we choose to experience. Over time that erodes our self esteem and prevents our happiness.  The greatest driving force in everyone’s life is the desire to be happy. In that great longing we are all inexorably linked. Yet joy is an emotion many people never experience. It constantly eludes them.

That’s because they believe joy is something that has to be earned. But, joy is your natural state. You are born happy. You learn to be unhappy.

Think can’t change your circumstances? Think can’t change your behaviour patterns? Think you are too old to try? That’s part of your limiting belief system!

You can start today... when you choose to become free of you past and your negative thought patterns, you’ll find your life circumstances, self esteem, and happiness will improve, as well. It effortless, doesn’t take a lot of time, and doesn’t cost a lot of money. So, what are you waiting for?

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