Feng Shui Tip - The Colour of Spring

When Spring arrives in Ontario new buds start appearing on the trees, flowers start pushing through the earth and new blades of green grass replace the dead brown grass of last year. It is a great time to plan our landscaping.  You can use the colours in nature to attract wealth and good health in the year of the Wood sheep. 

The wood element in Feng Shui is represented by the colour green (in all shades), plants, trees, flowers, wood furniture or decorations and thin shapes or stripe patterns. The green shades of jade, green tourmaline, emeralds and malachite, along with the bright green colour of fresh grass and gentle green pastels are all good Feng Shui colors for interior decorating in 2015.

If you want to enhance your money luck incorporate colours of rich green, taupe shades or black in your home interior using accessories, artworks, furniture, fabrics or accent wall design.  Incorporating these colours will help you feel like you are breathing new life into your surroundings.  You can also do this for your office environment to attract new clients, boost your health and increase financial opportunities.  Try putting a real plant in your office.