Safety First

Make sure tht you have all the tools to ensure your safety and security:

  1. First-aid Kit - Help you deal with any number of possible situations.  (Alcohol wipes, bandages, wound coverings, scissors, a roll of adhesive tape and disifectant.)
  2. Fire Extinguisher - Type ABC - best kind to keep on hand
  3. Safe - To ensure that objects of value and imprtant documents - your insurance policy, for example - are secure and protected.
  4. Rechargeable flashlight - a larger model that features a long-lasting light that you can rechared regularly.
  5. Smoke Alarm - Choose a model that has a built-in-light, and is also equipped witha  test button and stop button, in case of a false alarm
  6. Carbon monoxide detector - most practical model not only plugs into a wall outlet, but uses a rechargeable emergency battery that will sound the alarm even in the case of a power failure.
  7. Emergency power supply - choose a rechargeable model with a turner that receives weather, AM, FM and tv signals; it should feature a 110-volt AC or 12 volt DC current, very useful for recharging cellphones. 


Safety - Best Buys