Toolbox essentials

Here are a few items that every tool box should contain:

  1. Tape Measure - One with a retractable tape measure with both metric and imperial scales. A wide one will remain rigid even when fully extended.
  2. Work Light - Fluorescent is best for it's less energy and remains cool. It should be impact resistant and have a stand and/or a hook that enables youto work hands free. 
  3. Scraper - A good scraper should have a long handle and a knob grip to ensure the best possible leverage.
  4. Puttin/ Taping Knife - Having three with different widths, between one and four inches to allow you to do a variety of jobs. Metal i more durable.
  5. Allen Keys - Get two sets, one metric and one imperial. A Swiss Army knife-type holder is best for organization.
  6. Pliers - Get three types, Wire cutting pliers, standard electrician's pliers, and long-nose pliers. Steel pliers with high quality tempered is good
  7. Screwdriver with interchanable bits - Get one with anti-slip grip that is large enough to contain at least six different types of bits. The shaft of the bits should be long enough to allow access to hard-to-reach places
  8. Adjustable wrenches - Get three different adjustable wrenches to allow you to handle a wide variety of jobs and different bold sizes
  9. Multipurpose compact saw - should be small enough to fit comfortable in your toolbox and be comable of cutting metals, plastics, wood and plasterboard.
  10. Combination adjustable square and level - a T-bevel square is very versatile.
  11. Caulking gun - best quality will allow everything to run smoother. Most are standard size tubes
  12. Mutimeter - one with a digital displa to provide the most accurate readings.
  13. Utility knife - Metal type of utility knife with a coulded handle is best.
  14. Carpendter's Hammer - Choose one that is frged from one peice of steel.
  15. Drill bit set and accessories kit - get a high-quality kit that comes is a carrying case.
  16. Stud sensor - that is equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD) will proived the most accurate readings.
  17. Power drill/driver - 18 volt rechargeable, battery-operated. variable speed drill.

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By Andre Patenaude