12 Sanity Secrets for Achieving Harmony Within your Life.

  1. Take care of your body. Without your health, all else is meaningless - if not impossible. When we don't provide our bodies with proper sleep, exercise, rest, and nutritious fuel, we are consistently tired and will always feel overwhelmed and overloaded.
  2. Expand your mind. By stimulating your mind with new informatin through reading books, taking classes, or enrolling in a course, you will keep you mind brimming with ideas and problem-solving abilities. If you don't your mind goes stale and you become predictable and momotonous.
  3. Develop your spiritual nature. Deep down, we are aware that we're more than a body we dwell in.
  4. Recongnize what depletes and refills you emotionally. There are situations, circumstances and people that will drain your energy. With this we become dangerously weakend. By avoiding these and replenishing our energy supply we become emotionally resilient and can face our problems with renewed strength.
  5. Plan time to play. Recapture your childlike sense of awe and wonder. Schedule play dates into your weekly calendar to balance heavy matters with a few lighter ones.
  6. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment. This will relax and re-energize you. There is spa's that offers the opportunity for a small fee, to use all the facilities - even without having a pampering treatment. A robe with slippers and a locker are provided, and to enjoy the outdoor hot springs, indoor whirlpool, swimming pool, fitness room, sauna, and steam room!
  7. Take a fantasy vacation. Visit the library for books on where you would go on a 'real' vacation, or rent travel videos of your favorite fantasy destinations. Believe it or not it can be nearly as beneficial as if you had gone on a real trip.
  8. Let nature nurture you. The purity of nature has a way of cleansing us - washing away our tension and stress. Regardless of where you live or work, there are wonderful places to enjoy nature. (visit www.heartlandforest.org) <-- Great place in niagara falls 
  9. Spend quite time in a 'special place'. Choose a spot that refreshes and inspires you.
  10. Dress for comfort. Dress to feel good rather than to project the right image. Clothes that are comfortable, fit you perfectly and make you feel good when wearing them.
  11. Treat yourself to comfort food. If you balance nutrition, you'll be able to tolerate a little fat and surgar now and then
  12. Surround yourself with comfort symbols. Your home and workplace should be nurturing and comforting havens where you enjoy spending time. Take steps to transform both into a cozy refuge and safe sanctuary. Surround yourself with colours, fabrices, photographs, potpourri, candles and accessories that represents comfort!

By Sue Augustine