HogWeed - keep out!

Dangerous giant hogweed plant difinitly in the niagara area. Scientific name is Heracleum mategazzianum, which is a non-native invastive plant that can reach a height of 4.5 metres, or 15 feet. It likes moisture, so it can often be found near rivers or marshy areas. While the plant grows it has an impressive beautiful buds.

While one of the lady's whom had it growing in her garden she noticed while the plant was growing, she was impressed by the beautiful buds. She was looking forward to seeing how it would look at the end. But after her arm and ankle came into contact with the plant, she was in such agony.

"it was the worst rash that I've ever had. It's terrible. It burns like fire and bee stings." she says. "It was a mess and I couldn't take the sun on me"

Skin that comnes in contact with the giant hogweed is extremely sensitive to sunlight for months or years afterwards.  

For more information and pictures check out http://www.ontarioweeds.com/weed.php?w=HERMZ