protecting wood and laminate floors

The benifits to hard wood floors is that they look good, easy to keep clean and they don' harbour dust mites or odours.  But even the toughest versions call for protection from scratches caused by chair legs, tables and home office furniture. Cure: Self adhesive felt pads they work well as long as you remember two things. First to remew the pads every year or two, second watch out for grit trapped in the felts, scratching the floor as furniture is moved about. Rub our fingers over the felt to clean it every now and then. New chairs and coffee tables and couches to have domed plastic glides fastened to the bottom of their legs at the factory. These might be fine on carpet or ceramic tiles but they sure do a number on wood and laminate floors. You must take them off.

The Best solution I've found so far for protecting a wooden floor from a rolling office chair is a folding bamboo floor protector with felt fastened across the entire bottom surface.

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