5 Creative Uses For Newspapers

Don’t throw away that old newspaper until you have made the most use of it.  Try these great uses!

  • Remove fridge odors. Crumble a few pieces of newspaper and place them in the produce bins and the back of your fridge for three days. It will absorb the odors.
  • Dry wet boots. Quickly remove moisture and dampness from you wet boots by stuffing the insides with crumbled newspaper.
  • Clean windows. Dampen your window’s surface and use folded newspaper to rub away spots and leave them streak-free
  • Safely clean up glass. When you shatter a glass after picking up the large pieces, dampen a folded piece of newspaper to blot up smaller shards. They will stick to the paper.
  • Wrap gifts. In place of expensive wrapping paper use the funny pages to wrap children’s birthday gifts. It is a fun way to recycle paper

From:  http://www.pillartopost.com