Suspect you may have damage from Powder Post Beetles?


Adult wood-destroying beetles deposit their eggs in small cracks and crevices of wood. The emerging larvae then tunnel through the wood, sometimes for a very long time, until they reach maturity. They then exit the wood by boring out through the surface, leaving a small pile of fine wood dust around the holes.

Many times the wood is infested before manufacturing, with the infestation going unnoticed until after the lumber is turned into a finished product such as flooring or a piece of furniture and the insects emerge. Wood that is thoroughly dried out, sanded and vanished is seldom attacked in its finished state.

Infestations are sometimes treated with insecticides containing borates. Fumigation is also used for serious home infestations or in smaller items such as antique furniture. Even applying a finish to the surface of the wood prevents infestation.

Since each situation is different, it is best to get information and a quote on treatment from several pest control companies. It is also quite possible that the infestation is old, so treatment may not be necessary. Also check with your local cooperative extension service or pest control association for guidance.

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