Retractable Awnings

Turn your deck or patio into added living space, combining the comfort of indoors with the enjoyment of outdoors by the addition of an awning.  Here are some of the benefits.



1. An awning shields out harmful sun rays while keeping you cool.  It blocks the sun from entering your home, cuts cooling costs and protects furniture and carpet from fading. 2. Awnings are fully customizable and available in a wide variety of style options and vibrant acrylic fabrics to compliment any home.


3. An optional wind or motion sensor automatically retracts the awning when wind speeds reach a predetermined level. 4. A sun sensor can be added to allow for automatic operation determined by the sun’s strength.


5. An Interior wireless remote control can be added for easy-access operation. When not in use, awnings can easily be retracted, safely stored, and will subtly blend in with the exterior beauty of any home.

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