Make entrances more inviting

Feel greater serenity and clarity in your home and be able to welcome guests with the joy-boosting principles of feng shui:

Clear Clutter. Disorder can stop “chi” or positive energy in its tracks, so your entryway should be kept as tidy as possible.

Hang a mirror. Mirrors symbolically enlarge tight spaces - such as entryways - and are an excellent feng shui tool to “expand” positive energy.

Use the right accents. Bright reds, warm pinks and shiny metallic will encourage good fortune, and make guests feel good about entering your home.

Pick the perfect mat. Your interior mat or area rug should be as wide as your door’s width. Anything smaller can make people feel uncomfortable upon entering your home

Hanging a mirror? Make sure it’s high enough to show 8” of space over your head, so as not to “cut off” your potential success


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