Create More Space Visually

Many people think of adding physical square footage to create more space. But you can make your home appear bigger visually. Remember what the eye needs is the illusion of spaciousness not actually more space. Here’s how to create the illusion of space without adding square footage. Think diagonal views. Your house will appear much bigger if you are able to stand in one corner and look to the far corner without any obstructions. Diagonal tiles also help to push out the walls, visually.

Think like a sailor. Aim for no wasted space. Try built-ins, space-saving cabinets, drawers under beds, etc.

Lighting will open up space.  Give your house an airy feeling with simple window dressings that let in natural light and steal space from outdoors.

Play with the furniture. Move furniture away from walls if space allows.

Accessorize. the bigger a piece of artwork, the bigger the feeling of space.

Color your world. Use just one or two colors per room for visual simplicity that expands a space. White, neutral or pale colors best reflect light, visually pushing back walls.

Let there be height. Use at least one tall element in a room to draw the eye upward, towards the ceiling to maximize vertical space. And also draws the eye up to the less crowded ceiling space above. Minimize the amount of furniture in each room. Select furniture and accessories that perform multiple tasks.

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