What is UFFI?

Urea-formaldehyde, also known as urea-methanol is a non-transparent thermosetting resin or plastic, made from urea and formaldehyde heated in the presence of a mild base such as ammonia or pyridine. These resins are used in adhesives, finishes, MDF, and moulded objects. The resin’s attributes include high tensile strength, flexural modules and heat distortion temperature, low water absorption, high surface hardness, and volume resistance. Urea-formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI) started bring used in the 1950’s. In the 1980’s, concerns began o develop about the toxic formaldehyde vapour emitted in the curing process, as well a form the breakdown of old foam. Consequently, its use was discontinued.

A UFFI analysis can be conducted for approximately $150.00. A UFFI screening analysis (for Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen) can be conducted for approximately $55.00. Should either of the above lab analyses come back positive, there are many reputable Niagara insulation abatement firms who are available for safe, professional insulation removal, disposal and replacement.

Information provided by Niagara Analytical Laboratories, Progress St, Niagara Falls.