Going Green makes Cents

Are you aware of what your household products are doing to your earth, and your health?


Julie Veenstra, local Wellness Consultant, quotes Doris Rapp, M.D., who said … “Chemicals from cleaning products cause psychological disorders, asthma, allergies, and cancer.”  To quote Dr. R. Bray: “When you inhale or touch chemicals in cleaning products, they are stored in your body fat or go straight to your BRAIN.”  


Many common household products contain carcinogens or neurotoxins.  Liquid laundry contains ethanol and triethylene glycol.  Repeated exposure to fumes can cause chronic lung irritation.  Repeated contact with skin can cause dermatitis.  And that’s from your laundry detergent!  Even trying to use safer formulas in the store can be deceiving, due to the “holes” in labelling regulations.  “Green washing” is a term applied to so called “green” products, marketing as green because it’s the latest buzz word.


Julie Veenstra has been educating her community for several years about the risks we face in our own homes from the cleaners we use.  She goes one step further, and encourages people to consider what they put on their skin, too.  “90 seconds after it’s on your skin, it is in your system.  Now the liver has to deal with the toxins that could be avoided.”  Veenstra also quotes a study that found over 180 cancer causing chemicals in the umbilical chord blood from USA newborns. Fact:   1 in 2.3 men & 1 in 2.6 women will have cancer in their lifetime.   Childhood CANCERS have increased 25% in the last 30 years (Marketplace 2006).   Isn’t it time we woke up?  Isn’t it time we started to consider that WE can be proactive, and WE can make a positive difference in the state of our health, and the health of our kids?


Veenstra spent years searching about healthy home products and programs, due to her health challenges with crohns, migraines, and constant bronchial challenges.  She invites people to learn with her at healthy home workshops.  Since she believes that small-scale community based action is the most effective means of creating change, she is inviting the community to the Green Mom2Mom Event and BBQ in the Firehall in Wainfleet, June 12 from 2-8pm.  Recycled, “like new” clothing and toys, and 10 green vendors ready to help you get green in your homes.  Questions can be directed to julie@goodandgreen.ca. 


So…why GO GREEN?  Save Money:  average family saves $200-$400 per year by using Get Clean concentrated green cleaners.  Save the Environment:  70% of the pollution in our waterways and groundwater comes from household cleaners.  Save your Health: chemicals that come in contact with your skin absorb into the bloodstream … reduce your toxin load.  Save the Overflowing Landfill Sites:  1 bottle of Basic-H2 Organic Super All-Purpose Cleaner diluted for one of it’s many uses = 3000+ bottles of Windex.  Save Plumbing Bills and Septic Tank Problems:  “When I bought our first home it had a septic tank that tested full, but after using Shaklee products for several months, it cleaned itself out!” … shared by M. Frederick.  Plant enzymes will keep breaking down build-up, leaving the septic bed or tank clean without harmful chemicals.


Contact Julie Veenstra at 1(866)448-3609 to schedule your complimentary “Roadmap to Health” consultation.  You will learn about the basics of being well, and the importance of a toxin-free environment.  Mention that you are a client of Barbara Grumme, and you will receive three complimentary Green cleaners.