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  1. In this agreement, the Barbara Grumme & Ashley Czinege Home Selling Team guarantees that upon the successful sale of the property during the contract period specified below, if this property is not sold for the pre-agreed full market value of the property, The Barbara Grumme & Ashley Czinege* Home Selling Team will reduce the commission to make up the difference between the lower sale price and the mutually pre-agreed market value to a maximum of the listing agent’s portion of the commission.
  2. The Seller agrees to sign a 4 month MLS listing agreement with The Barbara Grumme & Ashley Czinege Home Selling Team.
  3. The listing price set will be within 2% of the mutually pre-agreed market value price which is determined on the basis of market conditions and comparable homes.
  4. For the purpose of this agreement, the Seller agrees to permit sales representatives reasonable access to the property on a daily basis in order to show the property to prospective purchasers, and that the property be maintained in “showcase” condition during these times.
  5. If the Seller receives an offer at or above the pre-agreed full market value within the listing period, and the Seller rejects said offer, then this agreement is null and void.
  6. A successful sale of the stated property must occur before expiration of the listing agreement.
  7. The Seller understands that this agreement does not guarantee the sale of the said property, but refers only to the monetary difference between the pre-agreed market value price and the final sale price as negotiated with a firm Agreement of Purchase and Sale Contract.
  8. The Seller must sign a Buyer agency agreement at 2.5%.
  9. The Seller(s) understand Barbara Grumme and Ashley Czinege are solely responsible for any representations contained herein and do not directly or indirectly obligate the Brokerage, its employees or other sales people and brokers in any way whatsoever and the Seller(s) shall not hold the brokerage, it employees and other salespeople harmless.


The Barbara Grumme & Ashley Czinege Home Selling Team

*We is defined Exclusively as Ashley Czinege & Barbara Grumme, Sales Representatives with Century 21 Today Realty Ltd. Brokerage, 8123 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2H 1H3(905) 356-9100

Independently Owned and Operated. Neither the brokerage nor other salespeople or Brokers within our brokerage are obligated under this exclusive guarantee program and the Buyer(s) shall not hold the brokerage, its employees or other salespeople and brokers liable.